Saturday, 30 June 2007


The wettest June for 93 years, or so they say. We certainly have had our share here in Devon, although nothing to match the rain in the Northeast. This has meant that opportunities to watch birds have been limited: it is not much fun (either for us or the birds) standing in a torrential downpour, in the middle of a wood. It may be good weather for ducks, but little more! Nonetheless there have been some magic moments, not least the Tawny Owl teenager in Yarner Wood.

Sunday 3 June
Overcast and warm

Yarner Wood: Pied Flycatchers (we watched a pair feeding their brood in nest box 47, below the hide; and another pair later, plus the odd male in the canopy. Have finally got their song); a pair of Bullfinches, skipping around the trees on one of the upper walks; Great and Blue Tits; Greater Spotted Woodpecker; Buzzards, in the sky and among the tree tops; Crows, Goldfinches; Blackbirds, Chaffinches and Woodpigeon.

Sunday 10 June Sunny and warm

Yarner Wood: Grey Wagtail; Tawny Owl "teenager" (perched on the branch of a silver birch) and Tawny Owl (possibly the parent, in undergrowth ~ slowly flapped away, past a Roe Deer, that did not even notice); Pied Flycatchers (we watched four pairs, three feeding broods, one in a nest box but two in holes in hollow trees, and several others); a pair of Bullfinches, a pair of Long Tailed Tits; a pair of Tree Creepers; Nuthatch (disturbed by one of the deer); Blue and Coal Tits; Greater Spotted Woodpecker; Wrens; Blackbirds. A pair of Roe Deer that came up from below the hide and crossed the road in front of us.

Sunday 17 June Sunny and warm

North Wood, below Cadover Bridge: a good start with a pair of Nuthatches as soon as we got into the woods, Chaffinches, Jay and a pair of Buzzards just above the woods.
Lopwell Reservoir: Mute Swans and Mallard
Bere Ferrers: tide well out and Shelduck on the far side, two pairs of Godwit, Herring and Black Headed Gulls

Saturday 23 June: Showers and sun

Sloncombe: 24+ Longtailed Tits in the woodland at the bottom of the
Wymers' garden (Secret Gardens weekend)

Sunday 24 June Oppressively warm out of the showers, very heavy showers (and a corresponding drop in temperature), and occasional sun

Hennock Reservoirs: Yellowhammers on the road up to Trenchford, and Meadow Pipits in front of the Land Rover. Chaffinches and Thrushes, eight Canada Geese on Kennick, a very bedraggled young Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Buzzard in the woodland, Willow Warbler, Dunnocks, pair of Grey Wagtail, Pied Wagtail, 12+ Marsh Tits and Great Tits in a sunny moment, Mallard (5) on Trenchford and Herring Gulls. Robin song much of the walk

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